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Blue Oven Kitchens Inc. is a not-for-profit kitchen incubator serving North Central Florida.  We specialize in empowering food entrepreneurs to start-up and expand their businesses through knowledge and consulting.  We play match-maker between food entrepreneurs and aspiring cooking class instructors and available kitchen facilities in our community.   We also offer workshops and cooking classes centered around healthy, local food.

Blue Oven’s Mission:  To foster a whole-system approach to the sustainable growth of the North Central Florida food system.  We provide and promote foodways, foodshed, food economics, and food safety research and education; and we incubate low-income and disadvantaged food entrepreneurs. 

Its goals:

  • To support through business support services and kitchen facility rental the low-income and disadvantaged food entrepreneurs of North Central Florida during their most vulnerable periods:  start-up and expansion.
  • To research and address processing bottlenecks in the local food system.
  • To foster connections between farmers, the foodservice industry, and consumers.
  • To educate the North Central Florida community about its food system and economy.
  • To explore new avenues of sustainability in food economics, including alternative processing facilities; regulatory innovation; energy efficiency programs; renewable energy projects; and food-waste, packaging, and greenhouse gas mitigation strategies.

MAILING ADDRESS:  Blue Oven Kitchens, Santa Fe College CIED, 530 W. University Avenue, Gainesville, FL, 32601

Blue Oven Kitchens is part of a multi non-profit team studying the feasibility of a larger, community food center (which would include an expanded version of a kitchen incubator facility).  It is our hope that this can be accomplished in the next 1-2 years but it will be a lot of (good) work requiring much loving attention and time.  After 3 years of operating the kitchen facility for the community at 1323 South Main Street, the need to focus on this new direction in earnest has motivated us to pass that facility along to one of our tenants to curate.  If you are interested in licensing that facility (or possibly others we know about) for your food business or a cooking class, please contact Maya@blueovenkitchens.org for more information.  If you have a kitchen and are interested in other food entrepreneurs in the community being able to use it to start or grow their businesses, please also contact Maya.